Blessed Lotus– Organic Women’s Tribal Wear

Circle Creations- Natural Fiber Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, and Children’s Underwear.

Cada Johnson Design~

Divine Lotus Designs~Sacred Geometry Screen Printed Patches and Banners

Entangled Biome~ CBD rich Wellness Tinctures for people and pets, and salves.  Co-extracted with medicinal mushrooms and botanicals.

Flipside Hats- Hip Handmade Hats for Everyone. Recycled and Organic

Green Journey Seeds- Seed Cards

Katananda Imagery-Photography cards

Maggie’s Organics-socks made in the USA with certified organic cotton and wool fibers

Paula Fong Illustrations- Pacific Northwest Botany Art Cards

Rock n Socks-Quality American Made Socks

Sparkling Creations~ Creations

Static-Real wood stickers

Trumbly Designs- Daydream Paintings on Eco Prints by Shanna Trumbly

Twisted Tree- Semi Prescious Stones & Silver

Watermelon Kidz- Handmade Kids Clothing

Wildlife Orgonite~Self Generated Healing Tools for transmuting toxic EMF’s and disharmony.

Wildborne Gems-Pretty Pink Peruvian Opals, Rubies, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and other lovely and elegant jewelry pieces.

Wooly Moss Roots~ Wooden earrings handpainted, carved, and stone inlay.  For the love of making things.

Wugbug- Organic Clothing for Baby and Kids

Xylem Clothing~eco-friendly fashion that is organic, and elegant.

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