Our Fabrics

Eugene’s exclusive retail outlet for organic and hemp fabrics by the yard. Fabric yardage availability changes seasonally. Please call during store hours for current pricing of in stock fabrics.

  • Hemp is our specialty. It is of superior quality and durability. It quickly absorbs and releases water making it comfortable and breathable. The hemp plant grows rapidly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides. It produces 3 times more fiber per acre than conventional cotton. While growing, hemp adds nutrients back into the soil while using less water.Rolls of Fabric
  • Organic Cotton is grown free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms. It uses less water than regular cotton and helps to replenish and maintain soil fertility. Organic Cotton also helps to build a biologically diverse agriculture.
  • Tencel is made by combining wood pulp with a reuseable non-toxic solvent in a process called closed-loop manufacturing. All our wood pulp is sustainably harvested from Eucalyptus trees. Like hemp, Tencel has the ability to absorb liquid and quickly release it into the atmosphere.
  • RPET is a sustainable fiber made from recycled packaging from bottled water and other plastics. This plastic is sorted, cleaned, and melted before being pulled into lengths. It is then blended with hemp and spun into yarn before ultimately being woven into fabric.
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